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Burning the ships and sailing away

The legendary Alexander the Great built an empire that, at its height, stretched from Ancient Greece to India. One of his strongest and most formidable enemies was the Persian Empire of Darius III. In 334 BC, Alexander led a fleet of Greek and Macedonian … Continue reading

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Fifteen reasons to give a speech in 2015

1.  Because you will grow. 2.  Because you will learn. 3.  Because you will be noticed. 4.  Because you can solve a problem. 5.  Because it scares you. 6.  Because it will open doors. 7.  Because you can make an impact. 8. … Continue reading

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The Rules for Being Amazing

Some time ago, I wrote a post about leadership lessons from my friend and former colleague, Robin Sharma. Robin is one of the foremost authorities on leadership and the author of several international bestsellers. Robin has just put out a … Continue reading

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50 New Year’s Resolutions for Public Speakers

Some ideas to help you take your public speaking to the next level in the New Year. In no particular order: 1.  I will prepare. 2.  I will practice. 3.  I will have a clear message. 4.  I will be … Continue reading

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“You’ve Got to Get Naked on Stage”

Dan Mangan is a Canadian indie folk-rock singer and songwriter. There is a raw honesty in his voice that is beguiling. His latest album, Oh Fortune, was released to wide acclaim. Dan recently wrote an article for The Guardian entitled, … Continue reading

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