Off to the Toastmasters District Conference

I will not be posting over the next few days as I am heading off to Dusseldorf, Germany tomorrow to participate in the Toastmasters District 59 Conference.  I will be competing in the International Speech Contest.  The Judge’s Ballot offers an interesting look at the criteria against which contestants will be scored, and provides a useful overview of key elements of a speech.

At stake is a ticket to the Toastmasters International Convention this August in the United States and a chance to compete at higher levels.  So I am excited.  However, I am also excited about seeing old friends whom I have met at past conferences from around Europe.  As I said in a previous post, the best thing about Toastmasters is the people who form it.

Last year, I attended two Toastmasters District Conferences – in Prague, Czech Republic and Bamberg, Germany – and had a great time at each.  I took my youngest daughter, Kristen (who doubles as my coach) to Bamberg, which made the experience all the more special.  We even featured in an article in Toastmasters Magazine.  Kristen will be accompanying me again this time, so we are looking forward to another Dad-Daughter adventure.

See you next week!

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3 Responses to Off to the Toastmasters District Conference

  1. Marilyn Jess says:

    I’m hoping someone videotapes you there. I am sending my positive energy your way for today’s speech. You go for it!

  2. Hi John:

    Best of luck. Tweet your result as soon as you know!

    We had ours a couple of weekends ago. Our winner was Gareth McHale – excellent speech! If you get there then you should look him up! I can give you his details. I was also voted onto the District Council which was exciting.

    BTW was telling one of our District winners the other day that I keep trying to tempt you over. He thought it would be great to meet you! Hint, hint! 😉

    Best of luck,


    • John Zimmer says:


      Thanks for the words of support. I am looking forward to it. I know Gareth from YouTube. I well remember his speech, “What’s in a name?”. Masterful. It would be great to meet him and compete against him, tough as that would be. Please extend my congratulations to him.

      As for me getting to London, I am sure that we will make it happen.



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