Chasing the Dream

Today’s post is relatively short, but that’s because most of the work was done a couple of weeks ago when I gave my first on-line interview. Yep. My first on-line interview! How cool is that?

A young woman named Erika Liodice writes a blog, “Beyond the Gray”, on inspiration and chasing your dreams.  She came across my blog and was kind enough to invite me to do the interview, which you can read here.  Given that public speaking ranks among people’s top fears, Erika was intrigued by my interest in, and passion for, the subject.

I don’t know if my comments will offer any ground-breaking insights into pursuing your dreams of public speaking (or anything for that matter) but perhaps you will find one or two useful thoughts.  Again, you can read the interview here.  I hope you enjoy it and thank Erika for posting it. And please be sure to have a look around Erika’s site.  It is full of interesting and inspiring articles.

Cheers and stay motivated, whatever your passion!


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International speaker, presentation skills expert, lawyer, improv performer
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2 Responses to Chasing the Dream

  1. Hello John,

    Most of us are dream chasers. The best way to make them true ist to wake up and start working.

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to assist at a press conference at EPFL where a partnership between a private company and the EPFL was signed. The only drawback was that the speakers never had heard about Toastmasters…and you.



  2. Thanks again for a great interview, John, and for inspiring us all to be better speakers!

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