A New Look for Manner of Speaking

Manner of Speaking has a new look.  I have decided to switch to a new WordPress theme that is crisper and easier to read. I hope that you enjoy it.

Over the next couple of days, I will be tweaking the new theme to get things right. Thanks for bearing with me!


About John Zimmer

International speaker, presentation skills expert, lawyer, improv performer
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14 Responses to A New Look for Manner of Speaking

  1. David Lindelöf says:

    Hi John,

    Good job on the blog redesign, it’s very pleasant on the eyes, though I find the content’s white background contrasts a bit too much with the main black background. How about making the main background a bit more grayish?

    And I thought you might be interested in installing and using a plugin for automatically suggesting related posts. Personally I use the one called “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin”. You can search for it from WordPress’s dashboard.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for a great and instructive blog!


    • John Zimmer says:

      Thanks, David, for the comments and your continued support of the blog. I take your comments about the background and will experiment with different shades of grey. I agree that it is a bit easier on the eyes. We’ll get there yet!



  2. Keith says:

    I like the look, and more importantly, the content.

    Thanks for your gift of comments and inspiration.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Brussels TM soon.


  3. I like the look John. It is clear and crisp – easy on the eyes.

  4. Selim says:

    The idea of this theme is good, but the images are too large. especially the left pictures are catching the eyes a bit too much in my opinion: they are too big and loaded in emotions and history. I like the top paintings though.

    • John Zimmer says:

      Selim, thanks for the comment. I appreciate your honesty. In fact, I was wondering the same thing – whether the pictures on the side would be too distracting. I will play with it a bit and try to adjust the size.


      • rabotha says:

        Need to agree with Selim… I find them distracting. On my 1680×1050 resolution I see two repeats of one of the images on the left and 2×1.5 of the right-hand side – way too much! I would suggest doing away with the image “background” and consider putting the images as single strips to the left and/or right… as with slides, simpler might be better.

        Having said that I must admit on reading through RSS so I would not normally find the images distracting – only click through if (i) something don’t “work” through reader or (ii) I want to bookmark something.

        Love your content – keep up the great work.

        • John Zimmer says:

          Thanks very much, Reinhardt. I appreciate your views. I chose the template because the text is on the left (the natural reading position) and it is bigger, wider and easier to read. The background feature was unexpected. I took Selim’s advice and made the pictures smaller and also fixed them so that they move when one scrolls. Many people like it, but others don’t. Obviously, it is impossible to please every one. Also, I recognize that the images will look different on different screens. (On my MacBook can’t even see them.) I will leave them up, at least for a while, to see what other reactions come in.

          Thanks very much for reading along! Glad you enjoy it.


  5. Jessica Pyne says:

    The new theme looks great so far! We’re big fans of WordPress – I trust you’ll be happy with it!

  6. Jack Vincent says:

    The new look looks good, John. And I like the images of some of the world’s greatest speakers. Appropriate and… Bravo!

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