Happy Anniversary, TED!

Exactly five years ago today, on 27 June 2006, TED made its talks available for free to the world. Since then, TED has posted some pretty amazing on-line statistics: 975 TED Talks on the Internet; 20,000 translations; 500 million video views.

But while the statistics are impressive, they should not be surprising. TED is, quite simple, one of the best websites in the world. The speakers are interesting, engaging and inspiring; the topics on which they speak are fascinating. And, they are also a profoundly moving experience for the speakers themselves, several of who have shared their insights into how their talks affected them.

We can also learn an awful lot about public speaking by watching a TED Talk or two every week. That is why I will continue to post analyses of TED Talks on this blog. Watching excellent speakers deliver excellent speeches is an effective and enjoyable way to help us improve ourselves.

So Happy Anniversary, TED! Congratulations on a terrific five years of inspiration and sharing. Here’s to many, many more.


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