Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 94) – Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma – Canadian Leadership Expert

“In topsy-turvy times, there’s a natural tendency to hold back on candor, speak in vague generalities that mean nothing but preserve the status quo, and essentially talk in a way designed to protect your turf. But the problem with communication like that is that it breeds mistrust. The people around you would rather hear the truth as to the way things really are than some plastic sloganeering that you do to avoid confronting reality. …

“[P]eople in business right now want to surround themselves with people who tell it like it is. Who are candid. Who are forthright. Who are spectacularly honest. Delivering the naked truth, and nothing but the naked truth, promotes trust and respect for you. Your customers know that they’ll get straight talk from you. Your teammates know that you won’t play games. And you’ll know you’re behaving with integrity and courage. Yes, that kind of bold communication is rare these days, but amid all the uncertainty, people do want to know where they stand. And they really do appreciate people who are willing to be courageous enough to speak their truth—even when it’s difficult.”

 — Robin Sharma in The Leader Who Had No Title


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