Toronto in solidarity with Paris

Toronto tribute to Paris

My daughter Kristen was moved to draw this after the terrible events in Paris.


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8 Responses to Toronto in solidarity with Paris

  1. vnikhra says:

    Beauty with compassion. A lovely tribute!

  2. Dr Vinod Nikhra says:

    Creation of beauty with compassion! A lovely tribute.

  3. Phyllis Zimmer says:

    So proud of my talented granddaughter. She has caught the feelings of all Torontonians with the stroke of a brush.

  4. Anderson Jonas says:

    Thank you for sharing a beautiful and “touching” tribute of “cousins,” countries, and continents. It made me think of the ceiling of Sistine Chapel and that touch of Grace. Your daughter’s artwork suggested other monuments that have joined to mark the indomitable spirit of care, concern, and coexistence to which we must all remain vigilant.

    Towers, of almost every ilk, suggest the attempt of man to overcome an energy greater than themselves [gravity]. Peace, of almost every ilk, suggest man’s ability to overcome a lesser quality of his humanity [belligerence]. Pray for Paris and Work towards Peace.

    P.S. You may remember that I am an architect, too. You may have one, there. Give her and your family my best.


    • John Zimmer says:

      Thank you for the very thoughtful comment, Anderson. I really appreciate your words and will certainly pass them on to Kristen.

      All the best,


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