Ending a Speech the David Cameron Way

The impact of Brexit has been swift and brutal. British politics has been turned on its head. One of the first victims was David Cameron.

Cameron took a big gamble when he pledged to hold a referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union and he lost. He had no choice but to resign.

When it became clear that Theresa May would be the next British Prime Minister, Cameron made a short speech announcing that he would tender his resignation. Whether it was relief or an attempt to remain upbeat at a difficult moment, Cameron walked off singing a little tune to himself.

The next time you give bad news or the next time your speech doesn’t go the way you had hoped, you could always end it the David Cameron way:

Thank you very much.

♫ Doo Dooooooo, Doo Doo. ♫

Right. Good.


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