Manner of Speaking recognized by Credit Donkey

Manner of Speaking has been chosen as one of the winning blogs by Credit Donkey for the Best Public Speaking Blogs in 2017. Credit Donkey is a credit card comparison site that publishes credit card research, deals, and tips to help consumers make informed credit decisions. It aims to make personal finance fun and easy to understand. 

Here’s what Credit Donkey had to say:

It’s tough to put yourself out there – to speak well and be engaging enough that everyone pays attention. The best blogs about public speaking help you do exactly that, with tips to win over the crowd and inspiration to keep doing it, whether you’re new at the game or improving the craft.

Even more compelling for some of you are the templates and ideas on presentations some experts are willing to share.

It’s a wide-open industry, with many people needing to speak publicly for their jobs or using the public speaking circuit to market their business. For that reason, a steady stream of blogs on public speaking have come out in recent years. The ones we’ve listed below are the ones worth paying attention to, as they have helpful content from interesting, knowledgeable public speaking bloggers.

And here’s what Credit Donkey has written about Manner of Speaking:

Manner of Speaking is a blog filled with inspiration and ideas for public speakers, featuring everything from storytelling to inspirational quotes to tips on confidence and delivery. John Zimmer is a lawyer and near-lifelong public speaker whose aim is to help others build their confidence and improve their speaking skills.

Why Manner of Speaking is a Top Public Speaking Resource: With videos, personal insights and even content by influencers like Seth Godin, this blog has something for every speaker. There are even posts that dissect famous speeches and public moments, showing you how you can learn from them.

I am grateful to Credit Donkey for the recognition. Congratulations to everyone who made it onto the list. I read many of the sites that were ranked. It is nice to be in such company.

Be sure to check some of these blogs out. You are bound to find something that you like.


About John Zimmer

International speaker, presentation skills expert, lawyer, improv performer
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4 Responses to Manner of Speaking recognized by Credit Donkey

  1. Congratulations John.

    I’m most pleased to read this of this recognition, but not at all surprised.

    I read quite widely in this (public speaking) domain, Your work is top notch, generous, and classy.
    And I sense your best work is yet to come.


  2. Mel Kelly says:

    Well done John!!

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