RHETORIC. The app is here!

My friend and business partner, Florian Mueck and I are thrilled to announce the launch of the app for Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™. It has been an incredible journey.

A few years ago, we looked for board games specifically designed for public speaking but could not find any. Because public speaking is such an important skill, we thought, why not create something that helps people improve and makes the experience an enjoyable one? And so RHETORIC, the world’s first public speaking board game, was born.

Flo and JohnThe first edition, released in 2011, was a big success, selling out completely to people around the world. The second, limited edition was released in 2015 and it has been just as popular. RHETORIC is now played on all continents and is used by business people, high school teachers, university professors, trainers, Agile learning coaches and people who want to have a unique experience with friends and family.

Today, we have brought RHETORIC to the digital world. Our app represents the next step in the evolution of the game. It is the culmination of countless hours of work and an unquantifiable amount of passion. To create the app, we worked with the amazing people at Blowing Minds, a terrific indie game studio in Barcelona.

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Going digital has allowed us to add some fantastic features to the game. The two most significant are:

  1. RHETORIC can now be played in different languages! The launch version of the app comes with five languages loaded: English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan. More languages will be added to future versions. (If you would like to see RHETORIC in a particular language and would like to help translate it, please let us know.)
  1. We plan to create additional packs of game cards that will be added to the app. Each new pack will have a special theme (e.g. business, family, travel, etc.). Stay tuned for more details!

RHETORIC is available in Apple’s App Store* and on Google Play. It looks great on tablets and smartphones. If you like what you see, we would be so grateful if you would rate the app and leave a comment. It helps spread the word and build the community.

Now, it’s your turn to speak!

*If you are wondering why only my name appears under the icon on the App Store, it is because Apple only allows one name. We used my iTunes account to create the app developer account and so it had to be my name. Google has no such restriction and both our names appear beside the icon on Google Play. The effort, energy and enthusiasm that has gone into RHETORIC has been 50-50 from Day 1.
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Ending a Speech the David Cameron Way

The impact of Brexit has been swift and brutal. British politics has been turned on its head. One of the first victims was David Cameron.

Cameron took a big gamble when he pledged to hold a referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union and he lost. He had no choice but to resign.

When it became clear that Theresa May would be the next British Prime Minister, Cameron made a short speech announcing that he would tender his resignation. Whether it was relief or an attempt to remain upbeat at a difficult moment, Cameron walked off singing a little tune to himself.

The next time you give bad news or the next time your speech doesn’t go the way you had hoped, you could always end it the David Cameron way:

Thank you very much.

♫ Doo Dooooooo, Doo Doo. ♫

Right. Good.

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Fearless Fridays: My Interview with Anna Lundberg

Anna Lundberg is a coach, trainer and mentor. A few years ago, she left the apparent security of a full-time job to work independently, pursue her passions, and make sure that she doesn’t have any big regrets when she’s sitting in that rocking chair in the retirement home. I can relate.

Anna Lundberg

Anna Lundberg

Anna works with people on matters such as setting goals, making a career change and building a business. She also writes a great blog, one of the features of which is Fearless Fridays, a series of interviews with people who have made big changes in their lives.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Anna (via Skype) to chat about my experience transitioning from the law to professional speaking.

You can listen to our talk below. You can also read the transcript on Anna’s blog. Our discussion includes my answers to the following questions:

1. At what moment did you decide it was time for a change?

2. What was the biggest challenge you faced in making the change?

3. Where did you get the support you needed to make it happen?

4. What’s the best part of your lifestyle today?

5. What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering making a big career or lifestyle change?

To find out more about Anna and the services that she provides, please visit her website. There you will find loads of interesting articles and other resources to help you get more from your business, your career and your life.

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From the Bronx to Yale: The Power of High School Speech

Below is an inspiring 13-minute documentary about a group of high school students and their teachers from Democracy Prep school in the South Bronx, New York. They compete in a variety of speech contests at the local, district, state and national levels.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 09.45.38The students are not rich and many come from difficult backgrounds. For them, “Speech” offers both a constructive, creative forum in which to focus their energies and talents, and a chance to win scholarships that will allow them to attend university. It’s well worth watching.

I particularly appreciate the wisdom of precocious 14-year-old Emmanuel De La Rosa at 9:35 of the film:

I don’t want to just do it to try to win something. I want to do it to make people laugh and connect with the audience.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 237) – Adele

Adele - English Singer and Songwriter

Adele – English Singer and Songwriter

“I’m scared of audiences. I get shitty scared. One show in Amsterdam, I was so nervous I escaped out the fire exit. I’ve thrown up a couple of times. Once in Brussels, I projectile-vomited on someone. I just gotta bear it. …

“My nerves don’t really settle until I’m offstage. I mean, the thought of someone spending $20 to come and see me and saying ‘Oh, I prefer the record and she’s completely shattered the illusion’ really upsets me. It’s such a big deal that people come give me their time.”

— Adele

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