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I recently came across this short video. In it, Dave Paradi explains why photographs in a presentation can be more effective than reams of text when it comes to getting a message across to our audiences.

Dave uses an example from a presentation on which he worked. He shows the original slide that was full of text and the slide that he developed to replace it. He then gives us his rationale for the change. Dave concludes by offering several tips on how to make sure that the pictures in your presentations have maximum effect. Have a look:

I think that Dave has covered all the bases. His advice is worth following. I do, however, have a couple of suggestions for his revamped slide.

In it, there is the sentence “You can’t steer a boat by watching the wake”. I would add a period after “wake”. It is a sentence, not a title, and as such would look better, in my view, with the proper punctuation.

Also, I would try to keep the entire sentence against the blue of the sky. Note how the “e” in “wake” falls across the trees. This might seem like a small point, but having the same background for text makes it easier to read. Of course, keeping all of the text against the blue of the sky in this case would mean reducing the size of the font, which is never desirable in a presentation slide. Bigger is better when it comes to text on a slide, and one must always take that into consideration.

An alternative might be to go the other way – make the text bigger so that the sentence runs across the entire width of the slide. The bigger letters would be easier to read against the two backgrounds. They could even be bolded to help in this respect.

If you would like more ideas on how to improve your PowerPoint presentations, Dave’s blog is chock-full of them.


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