Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 170) – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

 Nelson Mandela

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5 Responses to Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 170) – Nelson Mandela

  1. mikeschultz says:

    Reblogged this on Brinker Toastmasters and commented:
    John Zimmer does some legwork for us.

    I’ve also been taken this morning with this thought of Mandela: It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.

  2. Terry (TDK) says:

    So True – We probably learn more, inspire more people, build better teams and learn alot about ourselves when we fail. Failure should be rewarded and embraced. But first, we probably need to stop using that specific word “failure” as there are many years of negative stigma attached to it, so much that no one even wants to say “failure”. Perhaps we should use “progressive success” or “progressive construct”. Instead, we as a society just didn’t use the term “failure” as much.

    • John Zimmer says:

      Hi Terry. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Personally, I have no problem with the word “failure”. What concerns me more is that most people are so afraid of failing that they rarely venture outside of their comfort zone and thus miss real opportunities for growth.

      Cheers! John

  3. Amolo says:

    Hear, hear!
    May he RIP.

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