8 secrets for a presentation that makes an impact

My friend and presentation design expert, Timo Sorri, has created this slide deck that is currently featured on the home page of SlideShare. Timo asked me and seven other speaking professionals from around the world for one tip to help people make a bigger impact with their presentations.

Of course, there is no “magic bullet” that will solve all your presentation issues. However, taken together, these eight tips will steer you in the right direction and get you that much closer to making an impact with your next presentation.

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6 Responses to 8 secrets for a presentation that makes an impact

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  3. Conor Neill says:

    Good work John – simple things, very important.

  4. Interesting (*broad smile*) that the “one-idea”-idea and the “know-your-audience”-theme shows up more than once. Thank you, John

    • John Zimmer says:

      Thanks, Roswitha. Indeed, the best speeches and presentations are not about the speakers, or their companies, their organizations, their products, their services; they are about the audience.

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