PowerPoint Math: PP does not equal TP

Here is a simple PowerPoint math equation:

PowerPoint ≠ Teleprompter

A PowerPoint presentation is not a teleprompter. You read a teleprompter; that’s what it’s for. If you’re reading your PowerPoint presentation, you’re doing it wrong! Reduce your text and learn your material.

You can read this . . .

Photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson

. . . but you should not read that!

Photo courtesy of Leo Sauermann

(NB – In fairness to the fellow in the second photo, I should note that the picture was taken on a PowerPoint Karaoke night during which participants have to make an impromptu presentation using a PowerPoint slideshow that they have not seen before. Challenging, but a lot of fun! And contestants are forgiven for having to read, at least a little bit.)


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  1. Freddie Daniells says:

    haha! love the idea of PowerPoint Karaoke – I had never heard of that before.

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