Seth Godin: The Unlimited Power of Enthusiasm

Seth Godin is the author of several books about “marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect”. They are international bestsellers. His blog is one of my favourites and I highly recommend it.

Seth consistently produces an amazing amount of thought-provoking articles every week, much of which is relevant for public speakers. Look for his posts to be reproduced here from time to time.

In this post from 1 November 2006, Seth talks about the power of bringing enthusiasm to whatever you do, be it work or play.

Earlier today I was teaching public speaking and presentation skills to the students of the Executive MBA Programme at the University of Lausanne. I always tell my students that I want them to get excited about public speaking and to be enthusiastic about their presentations regardless of the subject.

Of course, enthusiasm can come in different forms. But it cannot be faked – at least not for long. If you want your audiences to appreciate you, remember you and invite you back again, let them see your enthusiasm.

It makes a difference.


The Unlimited Power of Enthusiasm

by Seth Godin

Normally, people just show up. They show up at work, or at a conference. They show up on vacation or even sometimes they show up at home.

They aren’t doing anything special, they’re just doing.

Well, I spent the day with several hundred enthusiastic people.

This group, led by Jennifer Young, didn’t just show up. They arrived. They were purposeful and positive and prepared and in a hurry… but in a good way.

It didn’t cost anything. It didn’t take any more effort (in fact, it probably ended up being less of an effort.) They got more out of me, more out of each other, more out of the day.

Enthusiasm has a lot to be said for it.

Seth Godin


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