A Public Speaker’s Checklist (Addendum)

The response to my recent post, A Public Speaker’s Checklist, has been great. Comments have been pouring in on Twitter, LinkedIn, email and this blog. People have been offering some great suggestions for additional things that public speakers need to remember.

So that as many people as possible can benefit from our collective knowledge and experience, I have decided to do an addendum to the Public Speaker’s Checklist. I will update it from time to time to incorporate new suggestions. If you have not seen the original post, you should have a look so that you understand what it does and does not cover. If you have any suggestions, please send them in so that I can add them to the list.

My thanks to those of you who have shared (and will share) your ideas.

A Public Speaker’s Checklist (Addendum)

  1. Spare bulb for projector or beamer.
  2. Slide advancer with  a timer.
  3. For Toastmasters, your speech manual an another Toastmasters who can evaluate your speech.
  4. If the electricity fails, but it is light enough to speak, an alternative way of presenting material without Powerpoint.
  5. Lip balm.
  6. Extension cord.
  7. Directions to the rest rooms.
  8. Glass of water on the lectern.
  9. A basic floor plan of the speaking room that includes the location/orientation (North, South, East, West) of any windows and whether or not those windows have blackout shades or some other ability for reducing or eliminating sunlight.
  10. Confirmation as to how the temperature in the room can be adjusted, if possible.
  11. Confirmation as to whether there will be other events going on in adjacent rooms and, if so, details of the events.
  12. A change of shoes (if speaking for a long time).
  13. An electronic copy of your presentation or handouts on your email. If there is a problem with the equipment at the venue, it might be possible to run the presentation from the email attachment.
  14. Confirmation as to whether the room has Internet connectivity.
  15. Arrive early and become friends with the technical guys.
  16. Spare nylons for women.
  17. A reminder to ask the audience members for their key takeaway (to make sure that the message is clear).


To put these ideas into a more practical format for you, I have reworked the checklist into a single-page PDF file. Items are grouped by category and there is space for you to add your own. As well, there is space at the bottom to add the title of your presentation, your audience, the venue and date of the presentation.

To get your copy of the Public Speaker’s Checklist, please click here.


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  4. florian says:

    Arrive early and make friends with the technical guys.

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