Collection of Speech Analyses

Without question, the best way to become a better speaker is to speak. We learn by doing, making mistakes, reflecting, refining and doing again. However, there are other ways that we can improve our skills at the craft. One way is to analyze other speeches.

As this blog has grown I have analyzed a number of different speeches; reader response has been great. Although you can find these speech analyses using the search functions on this blog, I wanted to make it easier for you. So I have collected the links of all of my speech analyses and put them in one place.

If you look at the tabs beneath the pictures in the heading of this blog, you will see one is entitled “**New** Speech Analyses”. (Eventually, the “**New**” will be removed.) Just click on the tab and you will be taken to a self-explanatory, searchable page.

As I do more speech analyses in the future, I will add the relevant links to this page. I hope that you continue to find them useful.

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2 Responses to Collection of Speech Analyses

  1. I just read your analysis of Up in the Air.

    Excellent job! You really did a thorough job.

    I’m looking forward to reading additional analysis.

    As you said, John, we can learn much from observing other speakers. You’ve taken this “observation” to another level.


    • John Zimmer says:

      Thank you very much, Fred. Learning from others is a great way to improve one’s own public speaking skills. Still, as you’ve said many times, the best way to become a better speaker is to speak.


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