Manner of Speaking

Nuggets of Storytelling Wisdom

In this post, I return to one of my favourite themes that run through this blog: the importance of storytelling. Past posts on the subject include this one and this one.

I recently came across a great TED Talk on storytelling by Andrew Stanton, a director and screenwriter at Pixar whose filmography includes the Toy Story series and Finding Nemo. In his talk—which opens with a ribald joke that didn’t offend me but did surprise me given that it was delivered at TED—Stanton speaks with noticeable emotion about how important storytelling is for human beings.

Weaving personal anecdotes with short clips from movies on which has worked, he makes a compelling case for the power of a good story. Although Stanton reads too much during the talk for my liking, his personality, his knowledge of and passion for the subject, and the goldmine of storytelling wisdom that he shares trump that shortcoming.

Below is Stanton’s TED Talk. I have gone through the video and pulled out from it what I consider to be the key takeaway points about storytelling. They follow the video.

The next time you are working a story into a speech or presentation, review these points. They will help you keep your stories on the right track.