11 Steps to a Killer Presentation

steps to killer presentation



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5 Responses to 11 Steps to a Killer Presentation

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  2. Great article and nicely presented too. Graphics are quite good.

  3. Philip Selby says:

    Thanks John for this excellent and succinct advice. I was completely won over until I came to the last bit on “Sources”. Here, it would help if you heed your own advice and use a larger font, as the one shown is much too small and barely legible. Otherwise, an excellent presentation!

    • John Zimmer says:

      Thanks, Philip and touché! You are right. I think that they should make the font for the sources bigger. You should be able to increase the size of the page on your Macbook by doing the following: Hold down the Shift and Command buttons at the same time. Then, tap the + button to get the size you want. To reduce the size back to normal, hold down the Command button only and tap the – button. Hope it helps!

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