A conversation with Conor Neill

I have just returned home after my annual week teaching public speaking and communication skills at the IESE Executive MBA Programme in Barcelona, Spain. It was my 7th year working with fellow speaking professionals — and dear friends — Tony Anagor, Florian Mueck, Conor Neill and Tobias Rodrigues.

During the week, I sat down with Conor for a free-flowing discussion about a whole host of subjects. The result is the 52-minute video below. In it, Conor and I cover a wide range of subjects such as:

  • Why you should distill your message into a single sentence
  • PowerPoint
  • Why practice and preparation are essential
  • Pauses and why you need to get comfortable with them
  • The difference between a dialogue and a speech
  • Eliminating habits that reduce your power and convey weakness
  • Why you should video yourself and three ways to use the video
  • How to ask for, and get comfortable with, feedback
  • Learning from negative experiences
  • Pain and pleasure: the two great motivators
  • Why the bathroom mirror is a powerful tool
  • Speaking with, or without notes
  • Why speakers should think of themselves as sculptors
  • Going beyond your comfort zone
  • Being a bigger version of you on stage
  • True believers
  • A growth mindset for speakers
  • Accepting that not everyone will like you

There should be something in that list for everyone.

We also touch on swans, icebergs, Beethoven, Game of Thrones and the Toronto Maple Leafs. And if you watch carefully, you will even see me have a memory lapse and forget my train of thought — it happens — but don’t expect me to tell you where in the video. You have to find it!

I encourage you to visit Conor’s YouTube Channel. He has dozens of informative videos on a wide range of topics related to leadership, personal development and public speaking.

What do you mean the camera is on!?!?


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9 Responses to A conversation with Conor Neill

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  2. laura says:

    John, it was a really a pleasure to learn from you this week in IESE. Nice to meet you.
    Thank you!!!

  3. Conor Neill says:

    I enjoyed our conversation… we’ll make it an annual ritual 😉
    Have a great Easter.

  4. Very nice video. Inspiring. Thank you John!

  5. Is it my browser in the mobile phone version or is the video or link to the video missing?

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