Things that public speakers don’t need on stage

Things public speakers don't need on stage: coins, keys and a smartphone

There are many things that public speakers don’t need on stage. When you deliver a speech or presentation, leave the following things behind because they are all distracting:

– Your cell phone

– Coins in your pocket

– Keys in your pocket

– Anything that can jingle in your pocket

– Jewelry that can jingle, distract or interfere with your microphone

– A pen to hold for comfort

– Your name tag

At best, these things won’t help. At worst, they will become a major nuisance for you or the audience. We want to hear you, not some coins rattling around in your pocket.


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  2. I also remove the wallet from the pocket and the wedding ring, to avoid fidgeting with it.

    • John Zimmer says:

      Thanks for the comment, Javier. A few years ago, I switched to a very thin wallet and I am fine with my wedding ring. But I have had clients tell me that they now remove their rings for that very reason. Thanks for sharing and hope all is well.

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