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This might be my blog, but that does not mean that I should do all the work.  Now it’s your turn.

In today’s post, I want to focus on a very general question, the answer to which provides good insight into the preparation and delivery of a speech or presentation.

The question is straightforward: Which of the following aspects of a presentation or speech has the greatest impact on the audience: verbal; visual or content?  Give it some thought and then vote in the poll below. 

The poll will remain open until I have what I consider to be (in my completely unscientific way of thinking) a large enough sample.  Results and commentary will come in a follow-up post.

Many thanks for your help.  As always, comments are very welcome.  However, I will only post them once the poll is closed so as not to influence people.  (How’s that for quality control?)



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3 Responses to Making an Impact – The Poll

  1. David Portabella says:

    I interpreted the question as “which of the following… has the greatest impact on me” (because this is what we know; we don’t know about the audience, that’s the purpose of the poll. 🙂

    I answered with “Content”, although I guess that the majority will go with “Verbal”.

    One more word about content: I think that people in Toastmasters,
    when we prepare a speech, we select too often a trivial topic such as “improving speech”, “why is leadership important” and the like. I think that we should select non-trivial real-life topics, such as “why I love the BMW Mini”, or “My summary of Jamon, Jamon”.

    By the way, I watched the film as you suggested. Very funny and so real!! 🙂


  2. I voted based on what I believe as a speaker. However, I am not sure my opinion has any correlation to the actual impact on the audience. That is, I could be kidding myself.

    Further, I am not sure your three delineations actually capture the items that have greatest impact on the audience. I would suggest that the greatest impact is through connection that is a combination of content, verbal, and presence.


  3. Ram says:

    It is all the three, and beyond that, it is “applicability”. How applicable is the topic that is being discussed to the audience? The speaker might have the greatest topic in the world, but if the audience is not interested, it will make no sense. They would fall asleep. It sometimes happens at our Toastmasters club; the topic might be incredible, but if it is not applicable to an individual, his/her evaluation or feedback reflects the same.

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