Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 320) – Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut said that you are whatever you pretend to be; good advice for confidence for public speakers

Kurt Vonnegut (1922 – 2007) American Writer

“You are whatever you pretend to be.

— Kurt Vonnegut

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2 Responses to Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 320) – Kurt Vonnegut

  1. Conor Neill says:

    powerful reminder. Someone is class today said something similar: “we are our actions” It is so easy to lie to myself and believe that I am a much better person than my behaviour sometimes demonstrates… but this self-delusion is truly poison to being a decent human being.
    I am not my intention. I am my behaviour.

    • John Zimmer says:

      So true. And yes, it is easy to lie to ourselves but there is – at least for me – one time when it is impossible to lie to myself. I call this time the Bathroom Mirror Test and it happens every evening when I am alone in the bathroom, brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror. You can fool the whole world but the one person you cannot fool is the one who is looking back at you. It’s a hard test but a brutally honest one.

      I started doing this after reading a 1934 poem by Peter Dale Wimbrow on the wall of the bathroom in my aunt’s house in Canada. You can find slightly different versions of it on the web. This link is a good one. Perhaps the subject of one of your future videos?

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