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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

When I was boy, one of my favourite movies was The Wizard of Oz. Back in the day, there was no streaming on demand, so you had to wait until it was shown on television. With few channels available, that usually … Continue reading

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Ten Common Spelling Mistakes That Haunt Presentations

If you have a blog or are interested in starting one, you should definitely spend some time over at ProBlogger.com. It is one of the leading sites on blogging and is produced by a great guy in Melbourne, Australia named … Continue reading

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A Radical Presentation Idea

Seth Godin is the author of several books about “marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect”. They are bestsellers. His blog is one of my favourites and I highly recommend it. In this blog … Continue reading

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We Have Met the Enemy

… and he is PowerPoint. A recent article in the New York Times by Elisabeth Bumiller came to my attention via Seth Godin and it is worth passing on. It discusses the degree to which PowerPoint pervades the US military … Continue reading

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PowerPoint: The Tipping Point

Photo courtesy of Barbara Nixon

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