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I am passionate about public speaking and helping others improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 196) – Ira Glass

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” — Ira Glass Photo courtesy of Brighterorange / Wikimedia Commons

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Ten Lessons from Steve Martin

I am a big fan of stand-up comedy. I have enormous respect for the men and women—whether professionals or amateurs—who get up on stage and do their best to make us laugh. And though I like many comedians, my all-time … Continue reading

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 195) – Georges Wolinski

“L’humour est le plus court chemin d’un homme à un autre.” (“Humour is the shortest road from one person to another.”) — Georges Wolinski

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 194) – Mary Catherine Bateson

“The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.” — Mary Catherine Bateson‎ Photo courtesy of Festival della Scienza / Flickr

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Burning the ships and sailing away

The legendary Alexander the Great built an empire that, at its height, stretched from Ancient Greece to India. One of his strongest and most formidable enemies was the Persian Empire of Darius III. In 334 BC, Alexander led a fleet of Greek and Macedonian … Continue reading

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