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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

When I was boy, one of my favourite movies was The Wizard of Oz. Back in the day, there was no streaming on demand, so you had to wait until it was shown on television. With few channels available, that usually … Continue reading

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The Prezi Top 100

The past couple of weeks have been pretty exciting for this blog. Only days after reaching 1,000,000 visitors, I received an email from the good people at Prezi notifying me that they had chosen Manner of Speaking as one of their … Continue reading

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2012 U.S. “Prezi”dential Election Recap

I came across this presentation on Prezi that provides a recap of the recent election in the United States. If you are not familiar with Prezi, have a look. Click the image below and you will be taken to the presentation … Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Slides Don’t Fall Behind

A while back I wrote a post about the way in which you can turn the screen black during a PowerPoint presentation and the reasons why you should do so. You can read it here. Today I want to show … Continue reading

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Prezi is a new tool for presentations and an alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote. Continue reading

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