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Don’t be like Twitter

I am a long-time user of Twitter. The microblogging platform has allowed me to connect with people around the world, learn new things and share my ideas. Although Twitter has struggled in recent years to grow, especially when compared to … Continue reading

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

When I was boy, one of my favourite movies was The Wizard of Oz. Back in the day, there was no streaming on demand, so you had to wait until it was shown on television. With few channels available, that usually … Continue reading

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A presentation lesson from two airport departure boards

This afternoon, I fly to Barcelona for a speaking event. I am packed and ready to go well in advance. In fact, I have enough time that I can sit down and write this post. (The reason for my silence in … Continue reading

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The Right Number of Slides

People often ask, “How many slides should I use in a 20-minute (or 30-minute, or 40-minute, etc.) presentation.” I always respond the same way: “I don’t know. Maybe three, maybe 20, maybe 50, maybe 100, maybe none.” There is no … Continue reading

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Slide Transitions: Everybody’s Changing

I remember the first time I saw the features on PowerPoint that allowed you to animate text and slide transitions. I played around with it for awhile and soon had things zooming in and bouncing around and what not. My … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Dick

I am referring to Dick Hardt, founder and CEO of Sxip Identity and a big proponent of Identity 2.0. (Unless, of course, you actually do know Dick!) The presentation below (which, as you’ll see, was the inspiration for the title … Continue reading

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Being There, Before You’re There

In a little more than a month’s time, I will fly to Lisbon, Portugal for the Toastmasters District 59 Spring Conference. It promises to be a fabulous time and I am looking forward to seeing many friends from across Europe. … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments for Writing and Speaking

I spent some time yesterday going through a box of old papers, filing some and recycling the rest. As I worked my way through the documents, I discovered an old photocopy entitled “Ten Commandments for Plain Language Documents”. It came … Continue reading

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Corporate Templates Can Undermine a Slide Presentation

Many companies unwittingly hinder the effectiveness of their employees’ presentations because of policies that mandate the use of corporate templates on every PowerPoint or Keynote slide. Without question, a well-designed template can make a slide presentation look professional and polished. … Continue reading

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Hilarious PowerPoint Wisdom

Hilarious PowerPoint wisdom from Don McMillan. Continue reading

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PowerPoint – Where do you stand?

Let me be clear at the outset: I am not asking whether you are in favour of PowerPoint or against.  Given the number of excrutiatingly painful PowerPoint presentations to which we have all been subjected, I am sure that the answer would … Continue reading

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